Jewellery Care

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is prone to tarnishing and will eventually lose its highly polished shine. There are several ways in which this can occur, including:

  • Being in contact with soap and perfume
  • Being in contact with perspiration
  • Exposure to chlorine and salt in swimming pools
  • General everyday wear

There are several ways to effectively clean your sterling silver jewellery. An anti-tarnish polishing cloth is a quick way to regain a high polish. These cloths are also good for polishing semi-precious stones.

A mixture of warm water, detergent and cloudy ammonia is also effective. Submerge the piece in the solution and brush gently with an old toothbrush. Rinse thoroughly, dry completely, then use your polishing cloth. The blacker the cloth becomes the better the results will be. Don't wash your anti-tarnish cloth, however, as this will remove its anti-tarnish properties!

For best results, keep your jewellery in small felt bags and separate them from makeup, perfumes and similar products.

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